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Habitat, a natural home or environment where you are most comfortable and can grow. Habitat Counselling and Psychotherapy creates a safe place where you can discuss anything that is on your mind. A space where your therapist will create the necessary conditions for you to grow confidently.

Please browse the services that we offer below and get in touch if you need more information.

Cozy Room


£45 for 50 minutes 

Person-centred Counselling involves using the session to express anything of concern to you. As the client, you are the expert in your own life and the counsellor's skills will enable you to find your own answers. The environment provided is respectful, honest and empathic. One where you can feel confident and hopeful for change.

Person-centred therapy is modelled upon the three core conditions below:

- Congruence: Being honest with the self and the client

- Empathy: The ability to enters into the client's world and understand their individual experience

- Unconditional Positive Regard: Showing respect for the client and accepting them as who they truly are.

If this therapy sounds like something suitable for you. Contact us to book a FREE initial consultation.

Coffee Table


£45 per 50 minutes


Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy Enhanced (CBT-E) is specifically created for the treatment of Eating Disorders. This treatment targets the underlying psychopathology of the eating issue. It is a transdiagnostic treatment which means that this treatment works across a spectrum of eating disorders. Sessions involve exploring how thoughts and beliefs surrounding food are problematic. Such as mood intolerance, extreme perfectionism, core low self-esteem and major relationship problems.


Therapy takes place in the structure of four stages. Anxiety and depression treatment will be applied. We will look at the factors that contribute to the issue and work through them to achieve recovery, this includes problem-solving and understanding self-awareness.


If this therapy sounds like it is suitable for you. Contact us to book a FREE initial consultation.

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